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Malawi Fashion Week 2013 is celebrating the participation of a fabulous designer in Malawi fashion industry Lilly Alfonso! She has a fashion design label that has evolved over the years to become one of the top fashion labels in Malawi. The whole phenomenon was born out of Lilly’s pure passion as a fashion designer, having discovered her passion for fashion at a very early age.

Despite the low level of development in the Malawi Fashion industry, she moved against the tide until she won FAME 2010 (Malawi Fashion Edition) as the best fashion designer. She creates the best designs using the most affordable resources. Lilly Alfonso comes out with tie and dye fabric due to the reason that the fabric designer are all’ ORIGIN MALAWI’ PRODUCTS (Indigenous Malawi products. She discovered the unique art in Mrs Chrissie Mijiga. Mrs Mijiga is co-founder of national business women Association (NABW) who also trains women and school drop outs, and women with disabilities from the rural areas and MACOHA.

Lilly Alfonso found this to be complementary to her work knowing it’s not only her benefiting but a chain of women, this one way of developing women in Malawi. She has been an inspiration for many women in Malawi with her clothing designs which remain current on the market trends and she possesses vast creative techniques. She has a strong eye for colour, fabric, trim and embellishments. Her work is a mixture of ethnic style with western inspiration. - MFW 2013

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