May 17 -


Street Etiguette in Luanda, Angola.

Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs are the faces and voices being the popular mens lifestyle website Street Etiquette.  Founded in 2008, Street Etiquette showcases style using a cultural, historical and urban perspective. With sartorial influences stretching from all parts of the world and eras, Street Etiquette has managed to assemble a truly unique view of fashionable menswear.  Among other accolades, Street Etiquette has been featured in magazines such as GQ, Complex, Essence and Fantastic Man, it was ranked Best Men’s Style Blog by the Guardian UK, and named among “40 Bloggers Who Really Count” by the London Times. The New York Times published an article, “ Serious About Cool” that told the story of Street Etiquette’s cultural success and the duo that founded it.

"During this past summer we received the great opportunity of traveling outside of the country, in particular to Africa. Our trip to Luanda, Angola was an inspiration filled trip in every sense of the term. The one word that comes to mind and sticks out is “Energy”, from the people to the Kuduro music what we experienced was the vibrancy of Angolan culture at its finest."

Watch them in Angola here.

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