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New book from Zimbabwean author, NoViolet Bulawayo: We Need New Names" - out May 21

“When things fall apart, the children of the land scurry and scatter like birds escaping a burning sky,” NoViolet Bulawayo writes in her deeply felt and fiercely written debut novel. “They flee their own wretched land so their hunger may be pacified in foreign lands, their tears wiped away in strange lands, the wounds of their despair bandaged in faraway lands, their blistered prayers muttered in the darkness of queer lands.” They leave behind their mothers and fathers and “the bones of their ancestors in the earth” — they leave behind “everything that makes them who and what they are, leaving because it is no longer possible to stay.”

Using her gift for pictorial language, Ms. Bulawayo gives us snapshots of Zimbabwe that have the indelible color and intensity of a folk art painting: “men huddled like sheep and playing draughts under the lone jacaranda,” the blooming purple flowers almost make them “look beautiful in the shade without their shirts on,” sitting there, “crouched forward like tigers”; the women doing their best to look pretty, wearing “a bangle made from rusty, twisted wire,” a “flower tucked behind an ear,” “earrings made from colorful seeds,” “bright patches of cloth sewn onto a skirt.” From:

"Bulawayo, whose prose is warm and clear and unfussy, maintains Darling’s singular voice throughout, even as her heroine struggles to find her footing.  Her hard, funny first novel is a triumph" From: EW Magazine

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