Aug 10 -

Sample collection of some literature from Southern Africa:

  1. Paulus Gerdes: Women, Art & Geometry in Southern Africa
  2. Thomas Mofolo: Tjhaka/Chaka
  3. Tsitsi Dangarembga: Nervous Conditions
  4. Ian J. Knight: Warrior Chiefs of Southern Africa
  5. Magema M Fuze: The Black People and Whence They Came
  6. Fred Bridgland: Jonas Savimbi: Key to Africa
  7. Bessie Head: Maru
  8. Winnie Mandela: Part of My Soul Went With Him
  9. Harvey J Sindima: Malawi’s First Republic
  10. Jean-Luc Raharimanana: Nur, 1947

More to come…

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